Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd offers unique packages (SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM) tailored for different client needs and budgets, these solution packages are as unique as your business.

These personalized packages includes services like, contract of employment, industrial relations, letter of good standing, statutory registration and monthly submissions, policy development and implementation, performance management, skills development & training, compensation and payroll structures, labour relations, disciplinary actions, workforce planning and re-structuring, CCMA representations, financial accounting, marketing and much more.
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Successful Human Resourse Management
Business Success can only be achived via any of Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions services
Financial and Payroll accounting is one of the most important section of any business as they are Regulated by Law and can have an effect on Productivity
All businesses has general admin such as UIF updates, PAYE Returns, Registrations and more