Alexsander Rost Director of Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions and specialist in Labour Relations and HR Management
Labour, Financial and HR Services
Alexsander Rost Qualifications



Mr. Alexsander Rost the CEO and Director of Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd have the following core values and vision for his staff and company.


Values and Ethics:

* Honesty

* Transparency

* Integrity

* Equality

* Accountability

* Professionalism

* Sustainability

* Confidentiality



South Africa s' best service provider of core business functions in all industries and sectors.



Providing the most current, relevant, competent services and expertise within the HRM and various Business fields.



Business Certifications:

SA Tourism Specialist

Introduction into Psychology (Australia University)

Human Resources in the digital age (Australia University)

Fundamentals in HR Management (International)

Personal Management

Marketing (University of British Columbia)

Social Media Marketing (Google Certified)


Financial Certifications:

Fundamentals in Accounting (International)

Junior Bookkeeping NQF 3 (ICB)

Senior Bookkeeping NQF 4 (ICB) (Current)




N HR Management NQF 5 (BMT College - CUM LAUDE)

HR Management (International)

N Technical Financial Accountant NQF 5 (ICB) (Future)

N Financial Accountant NQF 6 (ICB) (Future)



Bcom in HR Management NQF 7 (Current)

Bcom in Financial Accounting NQF 7 (Current)

Honors in HR Management NQF 8 (Future)


Core Values and Believes of Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions core values, vision and misssion



Mr. Rost has over 10 years experience in the business sector with HR management being the predominant discipline of his experience, he also has value-added experience in customer relations, social media development, marketing, web and graphics designing as well as in the hospitality industry.


This unique combination of experience and qualifications offers a wide range of knowledge and expertise to his clients.


Linking success with sustainability and client satisfaction.


Mr. Rost is passionate about and has a natural feel towards the fields of Human Resources, Finance, and Business, and believes that the "Employees" are the foundation of any organization and that proper and effective balance between various business functions forms the basis for the success of all businesses.


His unique and systematic approach towards service excellence became the Standard of operations within Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd and as a result, this became in-stowed in every staff member of his Company ensuring that any organization that makes use of its services will benefit with the utmost success and professionalism.