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Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a leading service provider of outsourced HR Consultancy Services, and for good reason. Not only are we dedicated to ensuring the best HR Solutions for your business we also motivate business success, and now businesses throughout the Lowveld and surrounding regions trust us with providing HR expertise for all their employee needs.

How did we become this leading service provider? Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a full-service HR Related Consultancy company that listens to the needs of our unique clients and built our services around their needs. We ensure our HR professionals are highly trained so they understand your needs and can offer the best level of service to provide for those needs—wherever you are in your business cycle. And it’s all supported by our unique service framework that can help you and your employees do their jobs more efficiently and effectively motivating business productivity.

HR Services involves various Business Functions and Needs such as:


Human Resources Management has several functions and needs in a company:

  • Determine the needs of the staff (HR Analysis).

  • Supervise the work.

  • Manage employee relations, unions, and collective bargaining.

  • Prepare employee records and personal policies.

  • Ensure high performance (Performance Management).

  • Ensure equal opportunities (Employment Equity).

  • Deal with discrimination (Labour Relations).

  • Deal with performance issues.

  • Ensure that human resources practices conform to various regulations.

  • Push the employees' by means of motivation and rewards.


Our HR team lives and breathe HR issues, and therefore, they take a proactive and personal interest in the success of your HR functions. Plus, they aren’t just a voice on the phone. They’re local. So if you need them in your office, they’ll be there.


Executive Coaching :
  •  Executive Coaching
  •  Business Coaching
  •  Gender Coaching
  •  Sales Coaching
  •  Financial Coaching

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