The Past and the Future of Lowveld Labour, HR & Financial Solutions


Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd (in partnership with various other Specialist Companies) is a Consultancy company based in the Lowveld that offers complete labour relations. human resource management and accountancy solutions tailored across different industries within all segments.

We have 3 incredible packages (SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM) that are flexible and able to suit your exact business needs. Through our needs analysis, we determine the best option for your budget.


Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions was established as a means to assist all Employer no matter your size, industry or sector with valued, competent and comprehensive Labour Law assistance, Financial Accounting and with sound Human Resource Management skills. With so many Labour Legislation's in existence in South Africa and various Labour Dispute outcomes (Case Studies), it becomes a tight network of Labour traps if you do not know your rights as both the Employer and Employee.


So many companies today have more competitive issues relating to just to keeping head above water, developing new services and products, staying in the top market and much more, the Employers sometimes forget those that need to assist them in the fulfillment of these strategies and to achieve their goals (the Employees). Without skills and proper employee relationships no business today can progress to there optimal levels of success, this is why proper Human Resource and Financial Management is so vital in business today.


We have seen the need for a balanced relationship where - Employer draws the maximum out of each employee regarding performance, productivity and potential and the Employee gaining future financial potential, skills, experience and fair comfortable working conditions.

With attention to detail, analysis of various needs, constant education, and dedication to the business success of each and every one of our Clients, Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions will provide you with these services, skills, knowledge and advise.


With modern trends and old foundations, we can become successful and reach our own potential.

Our job is to support the relationship between the Business product and consumer by providing:

Internal Conflict Resolution, Disciplinary & Grievance Management, Transformation & Employment Equity, Employee Wellness, Industrial Relations; Quality Management - Governance & Risk Management, CCMA Representation, Performance Appraisals and much more.


Our Core Values, Ethical, Vision and Mission statements reflects our service delivery and what can at all times be expected from us:



* Honesty

* Transparency

* Integrity

* Equality

* Accountability

* Professionalism

* Sustainability

* Confidentiality

* Performance



South Africa s' best service provider of core business functions in all industries and sectors.



Providing the most current, relevant, competent services and expertise within the HRM and various Business fields.


Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions

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