Workforce & Employment Equity Planning and Restructuring.


Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd offer you peace of mind whenever you need to induce Workforce and Employment Equity Planning.

Workforce Planning is a systematic identification and analysis process of what your business is going to need in terms of the size, type, and quality of the workforce to achieve its objectives. It determines what mix of experience, knowledge, and skills are required, and it sequences steps to get the right number of right people in the right place at the right time.


Employment Equity Planning is required when a business employee more then 50 Employees or has an annual turn over threshold more then what is determined by Legislation to register as a "Designated Employer". This means the company has to compile a workforce profile to determine the under-representation of suitably qualified members of "designated groups" in accordance to the National and Regional demographics for actively economic members of South Africa as well as compared demographics of similar companies in same industries. The employer must implement affirmative action measures and develop a plan (Equity Plan) to correct this under-representation of designated group members.










These services will include:


* Getting Started (Reviewing existing data; identifying information gaps; identifying future-focused business scenarios)

* Environment Scanning (In the context of Workforce Planning it is used to identify the set of facts or circumstances that surround a workforce

   situation or event

* Current Workforce Profile (Current State is a profile of the demand and supply factors both internally and externally of the workforce the

   organization has today)

* Transition Workforce Profile (Demand and supply factors for the transition from current to the future workforce)

* Future Workforce View (Future View is determining the organization’s needs considering the emerging trends and issues identified during the

   Environment Scanning

* Analysis and Targeted Future (Once critical elements are identified through quantitative and qualitative analysis, the future targets that are the

   best fit in terms of business strategy and is achievable given the surrounding factors (internal/external, supply/demand) are determined.

* Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation (The process is about determining appropriate actions to manage risk assessment and identify risk

   mitigation strategies to deliver the targeted future

* Action plan (to embed strategic workforce planning into business planning process), and

* Monitor and measure (impact of strategic workforce planning on business outcomes).











Strategic Workforce Planning: usually covers a one to five year forecast period, aligned to business needs and outcomes. It focuses on identifying the workforce demographics and implications, current, transition and future of business strategic objects and includes scenario planning.


Operational Workforce Planning: usually covers the next 12–18 months and should align with the time-frame of the business planning cycle. It is the process and systems applied to the gathering, analyzing and reporting on workforce planning strategy.


Extra Services Include but not limited:

  •  Profiling Key positions and matching the natural style of individuals to their position to increase productivity.
  •  Duplicating excellent systems
  •  Business Value alignment and/or Business and Strategic Planning
  •  Specialized team-building
  •  Change Management
  •  Affirmative Action Measures


This service forms to an extent the base of all Human Resource planning strategies and will go hand in hand with others elements such as Recruitment, Employment Equity Plans and Reports, Labour and Industrial relations as well as Skills development, Training and Performance Management.


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