Skills and Career Development Services.


Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd offers you peace of mind whenever you need prospective candidates for various workforce segments, by promoting Skills and Career development for your unique business which is after all our purpose in effecting success and growth of our clients.

Skills development is the intended output of education and training efforts and it should be an enabler for growth. As a business owner, the growth of your business and the establishment of a legacy are paramount to the success thereof. By enhancing the capability of your employees to (hopefully) improve the company’s efficiencies in the employee’s specific sphere of influence; and thus ultimately improving the bottom line functions and revenue of the company.


Our Skills and Training Development services include but not limited:

*  Comprehensive Skill Audits (Organizational, Operational and Persons);

*  Workforce Skills Inventory;

*  Identifying Skills Gaps and Training Priorities;

*  Workplace Skills Planning;

*  Annual Skills Reports;

*  Personal Career Counseling and Management;

*  Developing Training Programs;

*  Mentor-ship and Coaching Programs;

*  Registration with Relevant SETA's;

*  Assistance in SETA Grant Claims;

Profiling teams for performance;
Bench-marking skill sets and implementing mechanisms for continuous improvement;
*  Business Value alignment and/or Business and Strategic Planning;
*  Specialized team-building;
*  and much more.


Skills development and training can also be seen as a personal career development plan for the individual as well as the business itself, this will most often go hand in hand with other services offered by Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd such as Performance Appraisals, Recruitment, Workforce, and Equity planning, Human Resources, Labour Legislations and Compliance with the various ACTS and SETAs' in South Africa.


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