Labour and Industrial Relations


Employment of staff in South Africa has become extremely complex due to vague and ambiguous legislation.  Employers operating without specialist advice soon find themselves in costly litigation with employees or trade unions. We believe that this specialist assistance rendered to clients makes the dictum of “prevention is better than cure” hold true.


Our team of experts has built up a strong relationship with the CCMA to the advantage of our clients. Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd will start a relationship with a client by conducting a compliance audit ensuring not only legal compliance but also minimizing risk by drafting appropriate contracts of employment, policies and procedures and other related matters in accordance with the ACTS.



Services Such as:


* Contracts of employment

* Policies and Procedures

* Collective Bargaining

* Strikes (Industrial Actions)

* Disciplinary Inquiries

* Retrenchment

* Chairing Hearings (Disciplinary, Appeal, and Grievance)

* Union Negotiations, and

* CCMA / Bargaining Council Representations


These services sometimes form the base of all the other services on offer from Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd and will often go hand in hand with other Staff related aspects with due regard towards Re-structuring the Workforce within the company thus promoting continued success of your business.


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